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Manuel Pinta, (1984, Málaga, Spain) is a photographer residing in London. After working as software developper and graphic designer a few years in the advertising agency that he founded, he decided to study and focus on photography. Since that time, he has worked with many clients in southern Spain, Madrid, Barcelona, France and UK. He considers himself a general photographer, but feels more comfortable with commercial, travel and documentary photography. At the present, he combines his work as photographer, writer and game designer with teaching in the Professional Photography upper course in EscuelaArteGranada.


  • “Carnaval en la Zubia”. C.C. La Zubia, Granada, Spain.
  • “50º Aniversario Cáritas”. Fuente de las Batallas, Granada, Spain.
  • “Phositivos Inacabados”. Cocorocó co-working facility, Granada, Spain.
  • “El Albaycin Soñado”, Carmen de la Victoria, Granada, Spain.
  • “Un viaje a la Subbética”. Traveling exhibition, Córdoba, Spain.
  • “Alma, Ojo, Dedo, Click”. Centro Cívico Ibaiondo, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain.
  • "Unhearthed". TBA, London.